Visual Bhutan Part 2 (Phuentsholing):

As to most of you who know I was back home for a very short stint. I did not have a lot of time to go places and take pictures that I wanted to take. But this is one of the small town that I grew up (kinda / sorta). This is Phuentsholing / Phuntsholing (the spelling keeps changing every two decades or so). Not to many people stops by this town to pay any attention, it’s one of those towns that people pass through. And yet a lot if not all the economy / commerce passes through this town. I got to spend one of these mornings very early walking thru with no traffic. Not that there is any traffic in comparison to ‘normal’ traffic one might expect. Everything has practically remained the same, untouched. A few constructions has popped up here and there a few new traffic rules. But the rest of the town was just as I had remembered it. Cool mist from the mountains flowing down in to Phuentsholing. Both ways before I get any more descriptive in to my descriptions here are a few more images I got to work on.

And yes, still trying to get rid of the jet lag and laziness will have a Picasa album up soon.

Lady at lower market. Must remember to say “Phachu tab chea mea” and “Khadinche”… if I am wrong in the wording some one can comment on my Dzonkha. (Thanks in advance)

Dantak Campus drain. DANTAK – Indian company responsible for road repairs in Bhutan, and all my years still need to see good roads in Bhutan.

Movie poster on Mig Cinema. This is something new in Bhutan the advent of the Bollywood infused Bhutanese movies.

The road next to the gate of Bhutan.

The first stretch of road you see as you enter Bhutan from India. On the left are hotels and right was the Bus terminal and now I believe immigration department.

Lady waiting for ride?

Chorten in the “Central Park” of Phuentsholing where the Gumba / Temple is at. Chorten – a sort of psuedo-memorial.

Bhutanese pray flags. Not going to describe this. If you need to know what it is you can wiki out tibetian prayer flags. I believe they are somewhat similar.

To the left is the first department store Tashi and the right is the “Central Park”.

Man with child. Behind him is Dolma Enterprise, the Bhutanese equivalent of Blockbusters.

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