PS2 games

Joyce and me have been playing quite a bit of PS2 games lately, a game that is slightly close to Blizzards Diablo is Baldurs Gate, just finished the entire game a couple of days ago.

Review: Interesting game, the story is firm and the 2nd part picks up where it left off in the first one. I still liked the second one more as the game makers added in the dual weapons and more characters. One thing that this game lacked and makes Diablo my all time fav is that in Blizzards Diablo you customize their weapons with gems and rune stones, and the chest to store weapons was cool. Also the ending in this Baldurs gate II leaves it open for a III may be?
Next game : Final Fantasy. I have defnitely got to see whats with all the hype that people rave about this game.
BTW : No one is interested in a GMAIL invite??

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