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TGIF: (Thank God Its Fish)

Before you all go on with me and fish, this dish is not for me. So with that disclaimer in place here is something I came up with today. This was for an online photo entry. Relatively simple for a summer dish. Stacked seafood, that is light and not to heavy.

tilapia fish
squash (both yellow and green)
portabella mushroom slices
garlic powder

For the Infused Béchamel sauce (white sauce)


Prep Work
Clean the fish and cut them into a 2″ x 4″ rectangle, lightly dust with garlic powder, pepper and salt on the top. Let it rest for a while (say 2 mins). Heat up a pan, put a tsp of oil pan sear the fish. Make sure you are careful with the fish they tend to break apart. I let mine cook for a while till it turned brown and crispy. Then I flipped it and cooked it for another min.

Next I sauteed the squash and set aside, this was without any seasoning. Next was the portabella mushroom slices which was sauteed with a little salt.

For the sauce you can research many online sites for how to make the Béchamel sauce, the only change I had in the sauce was when the butter was being mixed in with the flour I added in the Miso (this is to taste on how strong you want the flavour). When the sauce was done, I got it to the texture like watery mashed potatoes. I put it in a parchment paper bag and let the sauce cool to room temperature.

Next, take a white plate and invert a cup and on the edges dust seaweed powder to tie in your design. Then place the fish and layer in the squash and then the portabella mushroom. Now use the parchment paper bag and squeeze out the sauce on the top.

Finally garnish with a piece of cilantro or anything that you have in your kitchen.

Have fun eating!

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