Testing phone blogging

Trying my hand at blogging directly via the phone. A very interesting concept with the fact that you can edit your images and now blog. Neat!

Grand Central Parkway

Another attempt to process images within the phone. Not a bad job, in comparison to the previous phone images I have taken. For more information about the GCP [click here].

Testing out new toy today (K550i)

What do you think of the images (p.s adjusted on photoshop tho!) The lens make and build has improved a lot on the mobile / cell phones as of lately.

Star Trek lives on.

Always have been a Voyager fan. Check out what the fans have done. Click on the image below.

Interesting computer glitch / trick (Try it)

The Instructions (found online): NOTE: Only works on Windows XP 1. Open notepad. 2. Type in “Bush hid the facts” without the “” 3. Save the file. 4. Close the file. 5. Reopen the file, […]

Monday : Links

Jack Bauer, TV series actor for 24 has an advertisement for japanese TV, check it out. From: http://tokyotimes.org To all those with Digital SLR’s here is an interesting site done by Canon Japan for amateurs […]